Out of Warranty Yet Still in Good Shape

That’s my HP Pavilion dv5 Garden Dreams Notebook! ;)

And I didn’t realize it till this HP warranty alert popped up my screen minutes ago. So it was exactly a year ago today when this pretty blogging tool was bought for me. Whew! How time flies!

I really didn’t give much attention to that detail as to get a hold of it on the first day of March last year is all I can recall. So if not for the alert, I wouldn’t have remembered at all. Shame on me! Although I also consider creating a post about it turning one year come first of March.

Why March? It is because I had to wait two weeks from its shipping date to be able to see, touch and feel the beauty of this gorgeous gift from across the miles. And if you must know this computer is a combined Valentine and birthday gift boxed along with other gift items (chocolates, candies and perfume to name a few) and shipped out my way early last year.

HP Pavilion dv5 Garden Dreams is Walmart’s exclusive. It doesn’t only look pretty but it also justifies my need of a true reliable blogging tool… well I’d rather call it blogging buddy. :D

And as for the expired warranty, I just left it that way. I would have had the option of purchasing a year worth of warranty pack but I chose not to. I didn’t even bother to look at the cost. For one, I don’t think it is realistic to send the item back to where it came from after a year for repair purposes alone. I mean, come to think of the shipping fees plus the waiting time. Two, it is the only fully functional computer I have for now since I already gave up on my desktop computer. Should it need repaired (which I hope not that soon), I’d rather have it looked at by a professional tech from HP center that’s available around and bring it back home at the soonest possible time. Lastly, I believe on the quality of this machine. Otherwise, it won’t last this long.

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