Welcome to Kat’s Box and Dice!

My name is Nancy. Still a bit skeptical about niche blogging so I ended up with yet another personal blog page here and this is it.

I’ve heard so much about the typical description “anything under the sun” from different people referring to their personal blog or pages. Admittedly, I am one of those people. Shame on me! Arggg!! Did someone just punched me out? Haha!

Nah, mine went exactly like this : “thoughts and opinions from a blogging buff“.

So anyway, I’d rather be a little bit different and more downright this time. Anything you find here are either:

1. Stories from different modes of my mundane life, (I hope that doesn’t sound so lame to you.)

2. My adventures in the blogworld. This should consist of the ups and downs of blogging, the fun and frustrations and everything in between.

3. I have been blogging for over 3 years now so maybe I could drop some basic tutorials too every now and then. You know the DIYs stuffs. :D

4. Oh and I shouldn’t forget the fun and exciting weekly/daily MEMEs. I don’t have to do it everyday though.

5. And lastly… REVIEWS. Yes I do reviews and won’t get tired doing reviews. :D


Should you wish to know more about this blog, you can visit my post here.Thanks for stopping by! ;)