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Do Blog Theme/Template Really Make a Statement?

I remember some time before, a blogging buddy told me that a certain type of blog layout may also contribute to increasing your chance of gaining page relevance from the leading search engine. We were discussing about PR then and she came out with this idea although I actually have no clue how it may […]

Content is King

The never ending PR (Page Rank) issue among bloggers are everywhere. I remember few months ago, I raised a question on one of the forum sites I joined about how a Page Rank is gained? When I last checked the site, I got over 50 responses from different people whom I actually don’t know but […]

Responsible Blogging

DON’T PLAGIARIZE! PLAGIARISM is an unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. To bloggers who exert effort to create remarkable entries and who continue to maintain a blog which is a reflection of who they are, “Good job! To […]

Blog Re-Invention Plan

From blogging and SEO let’s jump in to the world of music this time. Not known to many I have this blog that was originally created out of my extreme passion for music years ago. Its initial entries are of course all about my favorite songs, their lyrics and interesting facts about my favorite music […]

How Did I Start Blogging

Blogging is something I’d rather not waste my precious time with if not for the constant persuasion of my then blogging mentor… my friend, Ev. I’d say her convincing power was mighty. I remember we had to set a date together at my place just to help me get started. Actually, she didn’t just help […]