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Tightly Squeezed Trio

It can be fun playing with pictures sometimes. This is just one of those diversions I consider of doing if for some reasons internet wouldn’t be available at a certain time. My share for


I came to comment at Beauty Queen Gene’s GT Topic for October post this morning saying I’m all keyed up for this week’s GT. But looking at the given theme had me startled. Funny/weird food names… where on earth could I find one? I went to pay a bill this afternoon while thinking it through… […]

Mango Mandarin Beauty Set

Not seeing anything orange in my closet, I was just gonna pass this week’s GT theme. But I looked somewhere else around and finally saw these… A set of Mango Mandarin Perfume Spray, Body Wash and a bottle of Lotion from Bath and Body Works! Am I not making myself too obvious how I not-so […]

Pink Suede Shoes

So we’re gonna be talking about colors for the whole month of September. But before that I’d like to apologize for missing last month’s GT. I really felt bad especially after bagging two straight wins from Kaye’s online giveaways – I just felt so ungrateful but God knows how much I appreciated her effort in […]

GT: The Best Celebrated Birthday Ever

Mine I can tell is actually this year as well. It was when I felt like I am one giddy kid again while waiting to get hold of the prettiest birthday gift there is. Why not… when I knew exactly what are to expect from the mail. With that I had to make constant follow-up […]