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News from Facebook!

You’ve probably received the same email from Facebook. I got mine this morning and I thought I would paste it here in case any one would be interested. Hi User, We’re writing to let you know that we are proposing updates to our Data Use Policy and our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. These two […]

Candy Crush Saga

What Facebook user who doesn’t know or heard of Candy Crush Saga? I used to just ignore all these invitations I received from my notification feed to play this and that game on Facebook before. But not until I’ve decided to give CCS a try. At first I thought it is just one of those […]

The New Photobucket Beta

Have you visited your Photobucket account lately? If you’re an active Photobucket user you should to see for yourself how the new interface appeals to you. Not only they’ve modified the look but some of the features as well –making them more user-friendly and neat. See screenshot of my new library… click image to view […]

Updated my Facebook Cover and Profile Photo

For some reasons I felt the need to update my Facebook cover and profile photo. Been thinking about it over the last two weeks but I can’t seem to find the right material to use till I had this one below. It’s a photo of the Annular Solar Eclipse that I took yesterday, cropped it, […]

Timeline to Invade Facebook Fan/Business Pages Soon

Have you seen your Facebook fan page/s lately? I normally hop right away to my blog’s fan pages every time I have some postings done to share. The last time I did I found exactly the same thing there was when I first came across Facebook Timeline on my own account along with the announcement […]