The Use of Bar Coding System and Its Importance

It is known to most medium and large sized business owners that the use of bar coding system is essential for operational efficiency purposes.

A bar code according to Wikipedia is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products.

The coding is used in various areas of manufacturing and marketing. While the bar codes that we commonly see on retail merchandise and other items found at the supermarket is called Universal Product Code.

Just how these bar codes are produced?

There are computer peripheral used to print barcode labels and it is called a barcode printer also known as barcode label printer or label printer. This printer can be classified in three categories. They are:

  • Industrial barcode printers
  • Desktop barcode printers
  • Mobile barcode printers

See description of each category at Printer Savings [dot] com.

In business, barcodes are effective tools to address certain problems. When applied, it can save time and reduce errors, thus improves efficiency in business operations.

Throwback Tuesday: Great Finds

Had a shopping’s spree at Walmart today. I got not a pink ukulele these two cool computer gadgets courtesy of a good friend. But of course the store does not ship to the Philippines so he has to do the shipping for me so that means I need to wait a while. No worries! ForĀ  the price and for free at that, I think it is more than worth the wait. Ayt!!!

Acer 8X DVD-RW External USB 2.0 Optical Drive – Read/WriteWestern Digital 1TB Elements USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive
Originally posted in 2012

Online Education: A Smart Choice for Busy People

Financial issue has been rated as the top barrier to pursuing a desired career for many people. I can’t quite excuse myself on this if not for the steadfast effort of my late dad who dreamed nothing but to give us a decent education. I feel disheartened every time I hear news about my former schoolmates from high school who fell into the trap of desperate situations just because their parents can’t afford to send them to college. By the time they realize what they want to do, more often than not, they will already have a family who relies on their income. The possibility to study for the field of interest that they need to improve their family’s life and living is now seems to be far beyond reach.

However, the evolution of online and distance education brings back the hope in fulfilling the dream jobs for those who come to education later in life. Most of these online schools will give you the chance to develop skills in today’s technology-driven business opportunities competitively without interrupting your busy family life. With numbers of accredited online courses and online degree programs, online studies will give you a convenient access to exciting online learning tools immediately after you enroll so you can make fast progress towards your career goals.

I, myself would love to take Culinary Course online but I think Gourmet Cooking and Catering sounds even more interesting.

What do you thin? :D

DIY Graduation Scrapbook Tutorial

A scrapbook is a memory book. It is a wonderful stuff for preserving beautiful memories of our life — birth, photographs, school memoirs, special collections or souvenirs.

Scrapbook making is an investment in time and effort and will showcase a person’s creativity. One’s individuality is shown in one’s scrapbook. Aside from being an exciting activity to do during school break, it can also be a good therapy for loneliness and boredom.

It is nice to have a theme — flowers, heavenly bodies, stickers, gadgets — anything you love to use as a decoration.

School year is about to end so for a starter, here’s how to do a graduation scrapbook with a flower theme:

Materials Needed

  • Artwork — flower cutouts in different colors, pressed flowers, etc.
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Construction papers or acid-free decorative papers
  • Color pens, crafting scissors, glue or paste
  • Hard board
  • Memorabilia such as programs, pressed corsage, greeting cards
  • Old magazines
  • Papers in different color, photos, puncher
  • Ribbon or yarn for tying
  • Stick

How To Do It

  1. Buy 8″ x 11″ pieces of construction papers.
  2. Punch the left side of the papers as well as the hard board.
  3. Arrange photos and memorabilia in construction paper, including the artwork. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue the photos and memorabilia carefully.
  4. Enhance photos and memorabilia by framing them in colorful paper. Have captions below the photos and memorabilia.
  5. Write “Your Comments” on the last few pages of the scrapbook.
  6. For the cover, you may use hard board.
  7. Cut out letters from old magazines that spell “My Graduation Scrapbook” and paste them on the cover.
  8. Tie the pen with a ribbon and secure it in the upper punched hole of the back cover.
  9. Tie pages and cover together using a stick and ribbon.


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Growing Up Online

Fans of today’s advancements may argue that there is no validity in the parental fear of losing a child to “technological play.” They will argue that computers are good for children, that today’s kids have access to resources that their parents never dreamed of, and that the click of mouse can put the children in touch with an infinite amount of information. Taken in their “ideal” circumstances, these points are virtually inarguable. Taken in actually, however, these points are questionable.

 photo 552075_3213385071767_1945217664_n_zpsb620999a.jpg
The Allure of Computer Games

Believe that you will, but the truth is that children do not always research giraffes and astronauts or exceptional Sony studio headphones at musicians friend. Most computers are equipped with games and many children can, and will, spend an entire day playing them. Without a 24-hour monitoring process, even the most well-meaning parent who demands computer study time could be replacing television with an equally damaging surrogate.

Pornography on the Internet

Unfortunately, some of the resources to which children have access are unsuitable. Although blocks can be put on most online pornography, it is virtually impossible for parents to censor all inappropriate material. Not to mention that your child’s friend down the street may still have access.

Lack of Interaction

Much of today’s technological play lacks many of the qualities of real play. A child who participates exclusively in technological play is being deprived of natural interaction.

Emotionally, children need time with friends. This definition of “friends” does not include on-line correspondence with strangers, but rather refers to the physical presence of others with whom children learn to interact, share and react. Play is an important part of becoming human. It is through pl;ay that children learn valuable lessons that they carry on to adulthood. A child who sits at a computer all day or lock herself in her room to play Gameboy is probably not experiencing the peer contact essential for emotional growth.

Physically, children need exercise. A child who spendsĀ  the majority of his or her waking hours at the computer is probably not receiving the benefits of “old-fashioned” play. There is no running, no jumping, no appreciation of “real” nature. Range of motion at the computer is limited to hand-eye coordination.

Last but not the least, children need mental stimulation. This is not to say that technological play is not mentally challenging. On the contrary, chess against a computer is perhaps one of the most mentally challenging activities with which a child can be involved. However, problem-solving and competition are perhaps both most effective when applied to real life as learned through real life interactions. Not to mention, that in an age where computers are dealing out three dimensional demons and weapons of mass destruction, a child’s imagination is sometimes limited to the creative capabilities of the software designer.

Changing the Patterns

So what are the parents to do to limit technological play? Here are some suggestions:

  • Limit computer time
  • Encourage outside play
  • Let friends stay over
  • Travel
  • Become a cheerleader
  • Take an interest in your child’s activities
  • Put a block on adult material
  • Make family time a priority
  • Have fun together
  • Talk to your kids