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Candy Crush Saga

What Facebook user who doesn’t know or heard of Candy Crush Saga? I used to just ignore all these invitations I received from my notification feed to play this and that game on Facebook before. But not until I’ve decided to give CCS a try. At first I thought it is just one of those […]

Updated my Facebook Cover and Profile Photo

For some reasons I felt the need to update my Facebook cover and profile photo. Been thinking about it over the last two weeks but I can’t seem to find the right material to use till I had this one below. It’s a photo of the Annular Solar Eclipse that I took yesterday, cropped it, […]

Timeline to Invade Facebook Fan/Business Pages Soon

Have you seen your Facebook fan page/s lately? I normally hop right away to my blog’s fan pages every time I have some postings done to share. The last time I did I found exactly the same thing there was when I first came across Facebook Timeline on my own account along with the announcement […]

Facebook Timeline, Now Mandatory to All Users

Seeing this Facebook Timeline feature at some of my friend’s account for the first time made me wonder… “Where’s mine?” But since I am not really so into Facebooking…wait… is that an understatement? Okay I have a group or two that I frequently visit next to my own account. I guess whether I agree or […]

Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL : How to Create One?

Another awesomeness I’ve learned from this fantastic world of social media is is creating a vanity URL of your Facebook Fan Page. By the way this how a fan page look like. I bet most bloggers have it. Well pretty much all my blogs has one each. You can go HERE to make one for […]